Sunday, August 23, 2009

Going Green: Start Shopping at Costco!

You may be wondering why I think shopping at Costco is a good Going Green Tip. For starters, shopping at any warehouse club is good because you can buy in bulk. In most cases this means less waste. Instead of buying a small bottle of laundry detergent at the grocery store, here you can buy a jumbo bottle and then you don't need to buy it as often. Buying less bottles = less plastic use = less petroleum use...all good things!! I also love Costco because they have so many eco-friendly options now and keep adding more. So let me get to the story that led me to this post.

These days, its not too often that I actually make it to Costco myself. Dragging 3 boys through the store is not my idea of a fun day. So I usually send my hubby there with a list of things to pick up. Well the other day, I finally got to go. After we dropped W off at preschool, we headed to Costco with L and J. The heat is killing me so I figured we could spend a little time in the air conditioned store while getting things we need.

I mentioned how they have lots of eco-friendly options now and every time I get there they have even more! I've been buying a lot of their organic stuff to begin with like the Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter (so yummy) or Kirkland Organic Animal Crackers. However, this trip I was in the market for some new items. The first new thing I grabbed was the Environmentally Friendly Dish Soap. Not for the dishwasher but for hand washing dishes. I know this has been available for a little while, but I was still finishing up my Earth Friendly dish soap. What is so great about this is the bottle is HUGE; I honestly think it will last me a year. Just to compare, in this picture the small bottle of soap I have been using is 25 ounces for about $2. The big Kirkland bottle is 135 ounces - that is more than 5 times the size and cost me about $8. .So it saves money too!

The next item I had no plans on purchasing because I didn't even know they had it. W used to love milk as a toddler, but in the past year or so not so much. I've been buying organic milk and organic chocolate syrup to mix in for a morning cup of milk, but he still doesn't drink all that much. For L I have to mix in some Stonyfield drinkable yogurt to get him to drink some milk and J just doesn't drink milk at all. Period. So while we were wondering around the juice aisle, I saw these Kirkland Organic Chocolate Milk juice box type things. This made me really excited because the boys love juice boxes, no matter what kind of juice is in them. So I'm thinking this may be a good way to get them to drink their milk. While I am not thrilled about the extra garbage, I figure its just an experiment. At least I can send milk to school with W now and just maybe J will take more than one sip. Which in the past was followed by a dirty look and tossing of the sippy cup. After our first test run, W loves them. The twins - not so much. I am not giving up though.

What other cool "green" stuff does Kirkland have? Off the top of my head I have seen organic soups, organic breads, organic milk, environmentally friendly laundry detergent and so on. Oh and I've seen Giovanni hair care and body care products there as well. While I was checking out their website a few moments ago, I discovered that they sell packs of Bumkins cloth diapers! I had no idea - so very cool.

What organic/natural/eco-friendly products do you love from Costco? I want to explore some more!

Side note: I only discussed Costco Wholesale Club because its the only one near here and so the only one we go to. Others like BJs and Sam's Club may have great eco-friendly options as well. If you know of any, please share them!


  1. Oh boy, I am right there with you!! I love going to Costco as they are carrying more and more organic items. I have their Environmentally Friendly Laundry Detergent that is wonderful. Also, I have purchased their Organic Animal Crackers, Peanut Butter, Jam, Seasonings, Cereal, Eggs, Butter, Spinach, Carrots, and that is all that I can think of as of right now. It is SO great getting these things at such a nice price. I have also seen a lot more organic products there, but just haven't purchased them...yet:) Glad to know that someone else is loving Costco just as much as me=)

  2. I love Costco too but I am especially excited about your cloth diaper find! I have not seen those at our Costco but now I'll be looking. :) That's a great deal for 6 diapers! Thanks!

  3. Living in Australia we don't have costco, however I have noticed more and more organic items appearing in the major supermarkets.

    I enjoy reading your articles they are well written and provide valuable materiel.

  4. @Julie - I used to buy the bag of big organic baby carrots but we never went through them in time and so half the bag would go bad. Once the boys are older and eating me out of house and home I am sure I will be buying them again. I did try toe laundry detergent, but I hate the smell of lavender. If they had unscented I'd be all over it. :)

    @Christine - I've never seen the Bumkins in the store, I only saw them online at So its a good price? I don't know what the diapers normally cost but if its a good deal I may have to get some!

    @Grubby Gumboots - Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I love to get feedback!

  5. I love all their organic things too, but I wish they would try to figure out a better way to package some of their items. The baby clothes come on hangers without hooks (what are you supposed to do with those?) and a bathing suit comes attached to a plastic body shape.

  6. Thanks for this Marianna! I was just talking about this yesterday with a few moms about how Costco has great organic and green products. I need to go! Thanks!

  7. Some of my fave things from Costco are the Kirkland Organic Vanilla Soy Milk, coupled with the Kirkland Organic Raisin Bran - what a fabulous breakfast! I also love the Coleman Hot Dogs and the Disney Organic Animal Crackers and the Pure Nature 100% Organic Valencia Orange Juice. YUM!

  8. i have recently ventured into Costco (with a friend who is a member). my complaint is the excess packaging. i bought bulk TP and each individual roll is wrapped in plastic! ergh!

  9. @DieselMonkey
    Yes, you are so right. I HATE that about the TP.

    I have seen those awful plastic bodies they have the suits on. I don't even understand the point of those.

  10. I wish I had a costco! I am starting to go to Sam's but I still wish we had a costco.

    it really is easier, easier to store too, you have to take time out to refill things, but it makes it so much smoother.

  11. we love costco - great info on going green


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