Monday, August 10, 2009

Why 4 Boys is Better

In the spirit of cheering myself up and working past the "no girl blues", I've decided to make myself a list of why its going to be great to have 4 boys and not a girl. Feel free to add yours in a comment!

  1. We don't have to buy a single thing. We have enough boy clothes and toys for a small army of kids.
  2. The only one PMSing in this house will be me, I will never have to deal with bitchy teenage girl PMS hormones.
  3. I will never have to go shopping for a prom dress. I'm sure my mother will confirm that I tortured her with that.
  4. I won't ever have to lift heavy boxes, bring out the garbage or mow the lawn.
  5. Four boys means a higher chance of having a professional athlete in the family. Who can then buy his wonderful mama a huge house with a pool and a maid.
  6. No expensive weddings to pay for.
  7. I'm told that boys take good care of their mamas. We shall see.
There are some great submissions down below in the comments, so make sure you check all those out too!


  1. No having to buy birth control pills.

    Your husband gets to deliver the sex talk.

    You don't need to get the boys' hair or nails done for special occasions.

    No bra shopping.

    Boys are easier to handle during the teenage years!

  2. @Kirsten

    Great ones, thanks! Although I think DH's plan on the sex talk is just handing them a box of condoms and that will NOT fly. lol.

  3. Not having an invasion of the pink everything! No dozens of plastic jewelry items everywhere (until they graduate to other materials, mor environmentally responsible and far more expensive). No drama on a daily basis! No brushing little people's hair every day! I can go on ;-)

  4. I too am a mama of four boys and I can guarantee that it is a challenge, but oh so fun too. Here are some of my reasons of why I like being a mommy of four boys:

    - Having four boys means that there ISN'T a lack of funny moments in the house. You'll never have to go out for entertainment again.
    - Being the mommy of all boys means that the question "What is that smell?" can have several different answers.
    - Being the mommy of all boys means that you will have an ever rotating supply of flowers. (Even if they are scandalously picked from the neighbors yard.)
    - Being the only pink in a house full of boys means that when you feel bad you will have a never ending supply of hugs and kisses. (Boys are OVERLY affectionate with their moms. Loves it.)

  5. First of all my girls fart waaay more than my boys!

    Laundry will be far easier to sort out and find your things!

  6. from my mom:
    1. Puberty is hell
    2. When guys come to the door to date a daughter you have to worry all night long about what they guy REALLY wants
    3. Girls like things 1 day and hate them the next so you can't win.
    4. They love you until 12 and then hate you for an undetermined amount of time.

    *as I was gettin this from her I was trying to talk about what a bitch my sister is.. and my mom said "See - there' another reason..".. lol. I guess boy aren't so catty.. brothers punch each other and then they are done. Girls hold grudges.



  7. your such a good mom to such good boys this one is going to be cake. Congrats girl!!!!

  8. I grew up with 4 brothers, so like you, I can certainly say that I'm more of an expert on boys than most women.

    And this is totally an opinion, but I think that mothers of boys seem to take better care of themselves, like they dress nicer/sexier. I've just noticed this in some of my friends and acquaintances.

  9. I'm so glad to have a mini-support group of moms with four boys. My sister also has four boys, and when we get together, the fun never ends!

  10. No worrying about boys dating your daughters. (Your boy swill be THOSE boys! LMAO!)

    I agree with the no expensive prom dresses and other social events.

    No putting up bucks for a huge expensive wedding.

    No wacky female hormones. Face it, we don't even understand why WE feel the way we do sometimes.

    Boys honestly just rock. I love having boys because they are funny, wild, carefree ... FOREVER. SO much less drama. Plus they can pee standing up. LMAO. What talent.


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