Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is Your Dream Vacation?

Over on MomDot this week, Trisha is running a fun Blogger Bingo contest. Basically she puts up a ball with a topic to post about and if you do, you earn that ball. LOL, did I even make sense? Anyway, ball #5 (B14) is up and the topic is "What is your dream vacation?" So here it goes.

My dream vacation would have to be to Hawaii. I know, I know...typical right? I was so fortunate enough to go to Italy for 10 days after I graduated high school (thanks grandma & grandpa!). Definitely the most amazing trip I have ever been on - everything was beautiful. And there is no such thing as bad food in Italy. Really. Sure, someday I would love to go back there with hubby, but for my dream vacation I would like it to be someplace neither of us has ever been.

Is there any place more beautiful than Hawaii? Just look at this picture - its breathtaking. My hubby always says that when the day comes that we can afford to go, he wants to "do it right" and stay at The Hyatt. Now I would probably be just as happy in a shack on the beach, but hell yeah I'll take The Hyatt too! I'd love to lay on the beach and take in all the beauty and hubby, being the active one, I'm sure would like to hike and see volcanoes, etc. So there will be something for us both. Oh and this would have to be a kid free trip. Of course I love my boys, but a vacation with 4 kids is a whole lot of work . I mean I can barely survive the Jersey Shore with my little monsters darlings. And I would want to relax for a change.

Not to mention if we visit Maui I can meet Sarah from The Ohana Mama! We've been online friends for about 4 years and it would be great to finally see her and her beautiful kiddos. Though I'm hoping she will come to BlogHer in NY next year (hint hint).

So that's my dream vacation. What's yours?


  1. Ooh, I would LOVE for you to come to Hwaii so we could meet in person!!!

    Right now my dream vacation would be Italy and France. I lived in Italy for a bit in college and have been to France (Greg's family is in France) a bunch of times, but I am homesick for Italy and France right now. Too bad the flight is soooo long to get there :(

    Come to Hawaii!! ;)


  2. Hawaii, yes. I have family in Honolulu and I've still never been there. My cousin has even promised he will teach me to surf. (I promptly warned him he'll have his work cut out for him; I'm about as graceful as an elephant!) I'd also like to visit Tahiti or some Polynesian island (Fiji, perhaps?) Maybe I'll make a combined trip - Hawaii first and then on to Tahiti! Hey, a girl can dream, can't she???

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  3. Hawaii and Alaska are my dream locations, I think!

    But since you're going to BlogHer next year, I'm excited to meet you there!


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