Monday, August 17, 2009

Telling a Preschooler About a New Baby

For some reason I have been procrastinating explaining to W that he will have yet another baby brother in a few month.The last time I was pregnant it seemed much easier. He was 18 months when I became pregnant with the twins. At some point I just told him and that was it, he didn't seem to really care or perhaps understand. Since he is 4.5 now, I knew it was going to be more involved and he would ask questions. So I finally sucked it up and had the conversation with him over the weekend.

Me: William, do you see mommy's big belly?
W: Yeah (proceeds to push on it)
Me: Do you know why it is getting bigger?
W: Because of the sun?
Me: {giggle} No, because there is a baby growing inside of mommy's belly!
W: Wow, is it going to hatch?

I actually don't remember exactly what I said to that. Something along the lines of "No, it doesn't come out that way." But I wasn't going into how the baby gets out.

Me: Do you want a girl baby or boy baby?
W: GIRL!!!!!
M: Well, its going to be another boy like you, L and J.
W: Ohhhhh greeeeaaaaat!

It was classic, probably one of our best conversations ever. Surely one I will remember always.

How did you tell your child about a new baby?


  1. Awesome! I dont remember, but I do remember that 4 was a fantastic age to bring our second child into the world. Celtic was so helpful!

    Ill keep my eye out for diaper giveaways for you!

  2. LOL, he thought it was because of the sun! :) That is so cute!

  3. LOL! The Sun! That cracks me up!

    I don't remember how we told Lily that she was going to be a big sister. But, I know we read a lot of books on being a big sister!


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