Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday...

...to me! Yes, sadly, today is my 30th birthday. I have been in denial for several months now and well really, I still am. I don't want to leave my twenties, I liked it there. Oh well, I guess I better make the most of it. A least there were no surprise birthday parties; I would have hurt someone if they did that to me. :)

I do want to share some of the fabulous eco-friendly gifts I received. If you have seen my "Getting Dirty" gardening posts, you may remember that my mom bought me all of my organic gardening supplies as an early birthday present. Yesterday, I received a kick ass basket of goodies from my brother and sister-in-law. They went to the natural food store in town and got me a bunch of eco-friendly products. Let's take a look!

Well alright, for starters you'll see me new Wii Fit game in there. This should help me get off my butt and start taking care of myself with some exercise. What else? Some vanilla lip balm, Dessert Essence Italian Red Grape Lip Gloss, Avalon Organics lavender hand lotion and shower gel, foaming handwash from Kiss My Face and some gluten-free brownie mix. Yay, I can eat brownies while working out on my Wii! LOL.
Tell me, how did you deal with hitting milestone birthdays?


  1. Happy Birthday! 30 is the new 20!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I thought I would go through an emotional melt down when I turned 30 - but it's actually been way better than I thought. And now that I'm quickly approaching 32 - I'll have to agree with Felicia above who said that 30 is the new 20! Rock on!

  3. Happy Birthday! I thought it would be hard for me but now I am 41 and so far so good. No worries. Just have fun!


  4. happy bday mama! check out Shaun's bday post http://www.lookwhatmomfound.com/2009/03/happy-birthday-to-shaun.html

  5. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. I'm handling it pretty good I think. But that might be because I seriously think I broke my toes so my mind is elsewhere. lol.

  6. Happy Birthday! You look so darn good! I went through a mini crisis when I turned 30 too. I don't know why. I would love to get one of the WiiFits one day!

  7. Happy Birthday!!

    The My Fitness Coach is awesome!

    Also what a great gift, and reusable packaging! :)

  8. Happy Birthday, don't hide or mourn, celebrate and remember the best is yet to come!

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