Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Dirty: My Veggie Seeds Have Sprouted

Last Thursday I planted my seeds and it has been an exciting week for me since then. My husband thinks I'm nuts for getting all giddy over these, but it is so cool to watch your little plants grow right in front of your eye. And since this is my first time planting vegetables, it makes it that much more exciting. I honestly cannot believe how much they have sprouted already. Particularly the cucumber and zucchini seedlings, they are huge already. Let me share a few pictures.

Here they are on Tuesday (3/24), you can see there are little sprouts in the cucumber and zucchini containers. Nothing yet for the tomatoes and peppers.

Then here they are one day later (3/25). Look how much they have grown in just one day! William was so excited when he saw them yesterday. "Look mommy, your plants are growing!!"

Finally, here they are this morning. I swear they have doubled in size. Now I also have tomato plants sprouting up. It amazes me how much has happened in the last 3 days.

As you can see the zucchini and cucumber plants are growing fast. I fear they are going to be huge soon and I will need to transplant them outside sooner than I expected. I suppose now I should figure out just where exactly I will put them outside. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to plan!

Ideally, I have a big empty flower bed up against the side of the house that gets lots of sun. I'd love to put them there, but is it OK to put a vegetable garden next to the house? The hose is right there too, perfect. There is also a sunny spot over on the other side of the house by the shed, but the hose is no where near that, I'm not sure it would even reach. What about planters on the deck? I know I can keep the tomatoes in planters, but what about zucchini and cucumber?

Where are my gardening experts? I'd love your insight on vegetable garden placement.


  1. Oooooh!!! I want to have a green thumb SO bad! Were these any particular kind brand of seeds? Are you doing it organic, no miracle grow?

  2. That is so exciting! I wish I could start some seeds, but we just don't have a good window for them. I'm going to try to grow some more veggies this year, and have been wanting to do a raised bed for a while now.

    My herb garden is right next to the house and it seems to do just fine. I think as long as there's enough sun and air circulation you'll be fine. And I've grow tomatoes in pots and they've been great too, especially the smaller ones, like cherry tomatoes.

  3. Heather - I so do not have a green thumb. I have no clue what I am doing. LOL. They are organic seeds that I bought at target. Gotta love that store. I think the packets of seeds were like $1.79 each. I amusing organic potting soil and organic plant food - both are Miracle Grow brand.

    Kathleen - I don't have a good window either unfortunately. I actually haven't put them in direct sunlight yet. Now that they have sprouted, I need to do that. I guess they will go on our kitchen table which gets decent sunlght from the deck door.

  4. Oh and I really wish I had gotten grape tomatoes instead. I think I may buy some grape tomato plants later on in the season.

  5. Oh, they're really coming along!!!

  6. Wow, I like your gardening. It looks great.

  7. Okay, I am certainly NO gardening expert, but I think everything looks great! I can't believe how much they've grown in only a week. Good luck moving them.

  8. I AM SOOOO Jealous! Living in MN, it is still Wayyyy too cold to start sprouting veggies. We did however grow grass inside in a mini-garden for my 2 1/2 year old to watch the growth, water, and groom it! Too bad hubby bought blue grass. It is a slow developing grass. I'm thinking we'll head to Menards and purchase some Rye grass...

    can't wait to garden!

  9. Wow! These look great. You're going to have so much fun with your garden this year. Especially, when you start to yield veggies and fruit. It's instant gratification and satisfaction! :) Yay! For growing your own food.

  10. I did my veggies next to the house last year. It was fine. it starts getting sun at 11 (direct sun) and a friend told me that his dad swears by having his garden next to the house!

    I am so happy, I have 3 sprouts today, I just planted on Monday! (today is friday) I think it is the basil, one cucumber and a romaine lettuce.

    I am doing the Square foot garden and if I can talk the mister into it we will get the supplies and make it tomorrow!
    apparently I am long winded tonight! 8-) have a good weekend Marianna!


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