Monday, March 26, 2012

Simple Cherry Tomato Sauce Over Pasta

I like to keep meals as simple as possible. Mainly because I don't have a whole lot of time for complicated recipes with 4 kids swarming me. Plus it is inevitable that the more blood sweat and tears that I put into a meal, the greater chance that the kids won't eat it. So easy is the way I prefer to go. This tomato sauce recipe is another one that I borrowed from my mother. It uses fresh cherry tomatoes that are cooked with just olive oil and garlic and then poured over your favorite pasta. Super easy and super yummy.

Simple Cherry Tomato Sauce Over Pasta

1 pound cooked pasta
2 pounds cherry tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil
1-2 TSP fresh chopped garlic
fresh basil (optional)

1. Wash tomatoes, slice in half and place in bowl. Lightly sprinkle with garlic salt and set aside.
2. Cover bottom of a large saute pan with extra-virgin olive oil and heat over medium-low heat. Add chopped garlic, 1-2 teaspoons depending on your preference. Stir constantly until golden.
3. Add in cherry tomatoes and continue to cook, stirring occasionally, over medium heat for about 20 minutes or until tomatoes are fully cooked.
4. Poor over your favorite pasta and toss.
5. Garnish with fresh chopped basil.

2 pounds of sweet cherry tomatoes, sliced in half and sprinkled with garlic salt.

Saute fresh, chopped garlic in EVOO just a few minutes until it starts to turn golden.

Stir in tomatoes and cook over medium heat. The water and juice will start to draw out of the tomatoes, creating the "sauce".

Cook for about 20 minutes or so until all of the juice has been drawn from the tomatoes. It will look like this.

Pour over your favorite pasta and toss. I used Mezze Penne - mini penne. You may garnish with fresh chopped basil. I leave that out since my kids freak out and the sight of green in their pasta.



  1. Why do so many kids have such an aversion to the color green in their food. It's almost like it is genetically coded into

  2. This looks great! I love tomatoes way too much so this is like, perfect for me. Thanks! :)

  3. that look so fresh and tasty!


  4. I just made penne pasta last night! This looks way easier (and healthier) than what I made :)

  5. This looks delicious and super easy. I just discovered your blog. I am 8 months pregnant withe my first and am really excited about your green living tips.

  6. What a simple and great sauce. I looks like one that Brian like to make too. So much better than the ones from the jars!

  7. I just love simple recipes. This would make a great lunch!


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