Monday, March 12, 2012

Beds for the Environmentally Conscience

Summers are getting hotter each year, winters are also warmer and the general climate of the Earth is increasingly unpredictable and filled with violent weather. These are the results of global warming and pollution.

Many homeowners are moving towards creating an environmentally friendly home and using the environment for their design inspirations.

For those that are environmentally conscience one area that has been of concern is the bedroom.  Parents especially worry about the effects of standard mattresses on their children’s beds.

The current standard mattress is manufactured with ‘man made’ materials that can cause allergies, asthma or worse. The total amounts of effects from materials used in the standard mattress remain unknown.  These mattresses do not ‘degrade’ when thrown away, increasing the landfill mass.

The good news is that environmentally friendly mattresses are now available. These mattresses are available in all of the standard sizes; you will have no problem finding one to fit your bed, and more importantly, for your children’s bunkbeds.

The eco friendly mattress is made from all natural sources, organic wool, organic cotton and 100% natural latex.

Organic wool has shown to lower humidity when next to the skin, it is said that it results in a calmer heart rate. Due to these properties your body will maintain its optimum temperature.

Organic cotton is grown in soil that has been dormant for at least 3 years; it has not been treated with fertilizers or pesticides in that time frame.  Natural compost is used for fertilizer, and introduction of ladybugs control the insects. Pesticides do NOT wash out of cotton. Fabrics made from non-organic cotton ‘out gas’ toxins that can be harmful.

100% Natural latex has natural properties that repel dust mites. Basically they can't live in it. It also has properties that prevent mildew.  100% natural latex will not ‘pack down’; it will remain soft and pliable for years to come.

Latex that does not state 100% natural is either totally man made, or has been treated with petroleum-based plasticizers.

The choice is clear – environmentally friendly mattresses are a winner! I personally would not get any other mattresses for my children’s bunk beds.

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