Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Bloks Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue Review

It is no secret that my kids love building sets. Our oldest is absolutely obsessed with them and now our twins are really starting to get into them as well. My biggest challenge is keeping tiny two year old fingers off of them! We recently had a chance to test out the Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue set from Mega Bloks, which ended up being a perfect set for the twins.

"Blok Squad buildable playsets introduce kids to everyday heroes with themes such as fire patrol, police and construction. Blok Squad is perfect for kids who have transitioned from mini blocks to micro blocks and are ready for more detailed builds."

Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue is one of several Fire Patrol themed sets. For ages 5 and up, this set comes with 190 pieces that create two vehicles: a Fire Rescue Pumper Truck and a Fire Patrol ATV. Detailed building instructions are included and all of the pieces come in sealed bags. These bags have perforations on one end making them easy to open. I can't tell you how many times I have struggled with other bags, only to have pieces go flying everywhere once I finally rip the bag open.

Since the twins are just on the cusp of 5 and are just starting to get into these types of building sets, they required my assistance in building this set. I found the instructions to be fairly easy to follow and the pieces snapped together with little effort. It took me roughly 45 minutes to get these built, while also watching over 3 kids. I would imagine it would take less time if I had no distractions. Once completed, there are left over pieces for children to do as they please with.

The boys really like the fire rescue tools that come with the set, like the ax and fire extinguishers, that they can put in the figure's hands and play with. Theses are the yellow pieces. As a mom of twins who often fight over everything, I really like the fact that this set comes with two vehicles so they each have something to play with.

The only negative I had for this set was in relation to the fire truck. In order to get the fireman figure in and out of the firetruck, you have to take the roof off. That tends to be a bit of a pain when playing so for the most part, they leave the figure outside of the vehicle or have it riding on the back. It would be perfect if there were some type of opening door there for kids to easily get the figure in and out.

Overall, my boys were very pleased with this building set and are having a lot of fun playing with it. Even my seven year old likes it. Reasonably priced at $9.99 makes this a really great value.

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  1. I like how they have the pieces separated in individual bags. Years ago when I bought a similar type of set all the pieces were thrown together in one. That was uhhh fun to sort through. lol


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