Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Remembering Karissa

Not very wordless today.

When I started blogging almost a year ago, one of the first blogs I found and fell in love with was Prissy Green. A blog dedicated to green beauty filled with great tips, reviews and giveaways and personality. Karissa (Prissy Green owner) was a blogger that I looked up to and admired. Several months later we became friends through the MomDot community. She reached out to me and befriended me and did everything in her power to help me and my blog since I was fairly new. She would check in and ask how my pregnancy was going and how I was feeling and even sent me a box of green products to pamper myself.

Yesterday after returning from the hospital I finally logged on to my email and the first thing I saw was that my dear Karissa had passed away. That Karissa had taken her own life. I was in shock. I am still in shock. How could this happen? She was such an upbeat and loving person and I never saw any signs that she was hurting so deeply. I wish I could have helped her, hugged her, done whatever it was she needed so that this would not have happened.

I love you Karissa and will remember you forever.


  1. It's so terribly sad. She won't be forgotten.

  2. So sorry about the loss of your friend :(

  3. It is so sad. I am hurt and saddened deeply. I believe we all are. But, I do know that there was NOTHING we could have done. Please don't feel guilty. Karissa wouldn't want or expect any of us to feel guilty - yet I know that it's hard not too!

  4. Mental illness is such a horrible disease, so misunderstood, so under diagnosed. It's easy to miss the signs.

    Every time I hear news like this I pray that information and new respect for the mental health field will grow by leaps and bounds.

    I hope all your readers will learn more about this unseen cancer.

    I am sorry for you and certain she will be missed.

  5. This is horribly sad. I heard about it yesterday. It is hard to see these things sometimes though...especially if you're seperated by the computer screen.


    RIP Karissa.


  6. I am sooooooooooooo sorry what a beautiful lady.

  7. Many many prayers to her family and friends. This is so sad :(

  8. May she rest on peace. The loss of such a lovely person is very sad.

  9. I too was a huge follower of her great blog. When I read about her passing yesterday from Momdot my heart stopped. SO beautiful, so talented and so much left to offer the world. I can't get her out of my mind and the questions as to why. I prayed for her all night last night, I had trouble sleeping she kept entering my thoughts. I am so sorry she is gone and my prayers go out to her friends and family during their time in need :(

  10. I am so sadden ,my heart is broken.
    Karissa ,I will miss you

  11. saddend also. She was a nice person & friend... :(

  12. I am Karissa's mom. I've had a hard time writing to everyone who has responded to her post. It has been so very hard to find all the memorials that have been contributed to my lovely daughter. I knew Karissa's secret. She didn't like being called depressed. To me I would get a phone call saying "Mom, will you take me to the doctor? I'm down again or it's creeped back in" Karissa didn't like being labeled depressed so saying she was down didn't seem as bad. Then she had a few bad headaches and started saying it was migraines that kept her home and isolated instead of the depression. She had headaches but I feel it was due to the depression and the anxiety disorder also. I was alone in my battle to help her...As you know by her smile and charming attitude it was so very hard to get other family members to believe me at just how very sick Karissa really was. I knew she was smiling on the outside but was fighting this internal battle on the inside. Karissa left her family a 3 page letter letting everyone know how long and how much she had suffered. I was her mother and I already knew my baby girl had suffered. Karissa left me with a letter letting me know that she believed in her salvation and that God was calling her home. That is my peace, knowing my sweet baby is at peace, in heaven and I will see her again. I pray that you reading this will also give you peace. Please pass this along to anyone you think would like to know this info about Karissa. Thank you for your Wordless Wednesday for Karissa and your post of missing my daughter, if does my heart good to see that her blog friends still think and miss her. Blessing to you.
    Karissa's Mom
    Wanda Hermann


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