Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Scary Mommy Moment

So I have been MIA for quite a few days and its because my little peanut has been sick. When we brought him home from the hospital back in December, we came home to a house filled with coughing and snot. My twins were getting a bad cold. I tried my best to keep the baby isolated. We washed our hands like crazy. But really, with everyone in a house being sick it is nearly impossible to not get it. About 10 days ago the baby started off with congestion. Then last Wednesday is when his cough started. I brough him to the doctor to check his lungs and at that time he was OK. But they told me to keep a very close eye on him. On Friday I decided to bring him in again just to be safe since the weekend was coming. Much to my surprise, our pediatrician admitted us to the hospital. Baby boy was wheezing a little and you could see the tugging under his ribs from difficulty breathing. At the hospital he tested positive for RSV (a respiratory virus). After being at out local community hospital for several hours, he decided to transfer us to a children's hospital 40 minutes away. And that is where we were from 1:00am Saturday morning till about 1:00pm Tuesday afternoon.

This was by far the scariest moments for me so far as a parent. Boys are crazy and I have dealt with bad falls, huge bloody cuts and so on, but never have I had to admit such a little one to a hospital. I was beyond worried, terrified really. I'm glad to be out of the hospital and back home. He is doing better each day.


  1. I had similar scary mom moments with each of my boys when they were newborns. It is such a scary and helpless feeling. So glad that he is back home and doing better!!

  2. Marianna, I'm so sorry to hear your little one's been sick. I can't imagine how scary it must have been to have him admitted to the hospital. Poor baby and poor mama.

    So glad he's home now and I hope he gets better very soon!

  3. So so glad little one is better!!

  4. Marianna,

    I'm so very glad that your son is better. I know EXACTLY how you felt during this time. My daughter was about four weeks old when she was disgnosed w/RSV. What made it so concerning was that she never showed any symptoms other than a runny nose. I'd spoken to her pediatrician on a Friday night and he called me the next morning, after having a dream, and told me to take her to the hospital. After hours of waiting for test results, she was diagnosed w/RSV. I too was very frightened and feared she may not make it, but God's grace brought her through.

    These kids. How do they do the things they do to our hearts :)?

  5. So glad to hear everything is ok.As a mommy nothing can ever make us more nervous than our children.Its a good thing we have those angels to help us out from time to time!

  6. Yes, that is quite the scary time, but Praise the Lord that he is doing much better. I will be praying for the health of everyone in your family and especially that growing baby boy. Keep us updated and you take it easy mama.

  7. I was just catching up with my RSS feeds and saw this post. Just wanted to wish your family well and hopefully the germs will give you guys a break for a long time. When I brought my 4th baby home last year it seemed like everyone was sick for months but luckily nothing that got serious.


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