Monday, January 4, 2010

Green Goals for 2010!

Okay, we've all had some time to think about how we want to be a little more green in 2010. My 2009 goals did not go so well, so my first goal for this year is to really stick to my goals! :) But really, even if it is making one small change its still great a step in the right direction. So here are my 2010 green goals. Please share yours as well. I'll check back in a few months down the road to see how I'm doing and how you are doing.

  1. Make a whole hearted attempt to cloth diaper new baby
  2. Less TV time for the kids
  3. Shop local Farmer's Market
  4. Purchase more organic foods
  5. Start composting
  6. Expand vegetable garden
  7. Reduce waste in my preschooler's lunches
  8. Switch to rechargeable batteries (need to get hubby on board first)

I may add to this list as I think of new things, but this is it for now. I think if you keep it short and simple you have a better chance of being successful. Now what are some of your green goals?


  1. My green goals:
    * reduce food waste
    * prepare mostly veggie meals, meat 1 time per week
    * walk, bike or bus when I'm traveling alone (1 time/week exemption)

    Check out for daily actions!

  2. 2010 Resolutions? What’s your New Years Resolution?: [ok so I'm still working through last years list!]

  3. Just found your blog and was inspired to make and write about my own green goals for 2010.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I want to continue trying to reduce our garbage output and eliminating disposable things from our life, though I must say I am SO impressed with myself for how much I accomplished in 2009 as far as greening up my life.

    I'd also like to complete the switch to more earth-friendly cleaning options.

    oh, and limiting screen time for me and the kiddies is a big one for me too!

    love your goals!

  5. I was just asked this question the other day and was thinking of posting about it also. My green resolutions for 2010: plant a veggie garden that actually grows (as opposed to all the plants I grew from seed and killed in 09)! Only use juice boxes for oversleeping emergencies. Get more chicks for homegrown eggs. Continue to be too busy for daily showers and save water! Continue to use natural cleaning products. Possibly get brave enough to start a worm composting bin. Just try to be aware and choose greener options in daily life.

  6. Great list. I hope you succeed on all of those items. I have found so much inspiration online. You should also check out the One Small Change project over at for well over 100 blogging mamas all going green. :)

  7. Hello, as you can see this is my first post here.
    In first steps it's very nice if someone supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
    Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

  8. What a great blog! I just came upon it for the first time. My New Years resolution was actually to make a different green change each day of the year. I blog about it over at

    It can be a bit exhausting some days, trying to come up with something new, but I know that even the small things make a difference!

    Good luck with your green goals for the year!


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