Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our $100 Dick's Sporting Goods Shopping Spree

If you don't know, Dick's Sporting Goods is currently having a 50 day Twitter contest where they give away a $100 gift card everyday. (official rules) I believe they are on day 30. I was very fortunate that on Day 1 of this event, I won.

The entry requirement of their Twitter contest is that you tell them what you would buy if you won the $100. I had initially said I would by some sleds. Living`in New England with 3 boys, that would be very useful. After winning, we decided to enroll W in soccer this fall and in his first "Learn to Skate" hockey lessons in the winter. So when the gift card arrived we decided we would use it towards sporting supplies for him.

Now the closest Dick's Sporting Goods to us is about an hour away. So we packed up all the boys into the minivan and made a day of it. My husband was so excited to go there, apparently he loves this store, I just never knew it. He talked about how big it was and how much stuff it has the entire way there.

We first headed to the soccer section, which is huge this time of year. They had a few kids packages where you get a ball, shin guards and and cleats for a reasonable price. We wound up going with the Nike package because the shoes fit better and it was just $39.95. We grabbed some cones and a pair of socks while there too and the headed over to the ice hockey section. For his lessons, W is required to have ice skates, hockey gloves and a full helmet with mask. I figured the mask would be the most expensive item so we grabbed that. It was about $40 as well. We will most likely be getting the rest of his hockey gear at Play It Again Sports - reuse!!!

So here is all of our loot. The grand total being $101 and change. We had a lot of fun too and are so excited for soccer to start this Saturday! Thank you Dick's Sporting Goods!


  1. Woohoo! You made out like bandits for just over $100 at a sporting goods store! Congratulations on your win and I hope soccer goes well :)

  2. Wow! That's awesome! You guys did great!

  3. wow, that is fantastic! I used to have a friend that would bring me the "friends and family discounts" I loved it! awesome work out gear, which for me usually translated to really nice pj's! I love Dicks! was so happy when we got ours!


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