Monday, September 21, 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship with Organic Peanut Butter

I absolutely love organic peanut butter. We get ours at Costco (Kirkland brand). It comes in a 2 pack, it is reasonably priced and just super yummy. Peanut butter was one of the first foods I switched to organic since my oldest eats it so much. The best thing about organic peanut butter is of course the ingredients:

Dry Roasted Organic Peanuts

That is it. Isn't that lovely?

However, I did mention that this is a love/hate relationship and here is why. I hate the stirring. Your regular, non-natural, non-organic peanut butters are made with hydrogenated oils (yuk) and do not separate. But since natural and organic versions are just peanuts and salt, the oil does separate to the top of the jar. Trying to mix that oil back into the peanut butter is the biggest pain in the neck. And arm. And wrist. I've tried shaking it a lot to get things started, even letting a new jar sit upside down for day, but it does nothing. I have seriously wondered if the staff at the Home Depot paint department will let me put a jar in one of their paint stirring machines.

When you open a new jar, there all the oil sits on top and usually right to the very top. I stick my butter knife in and gently try to stir, inevitably spilling the oil all down the side. Stirring is hard as the stuff on the bottom is so thick. I've actually bent a butter knife in the process and it has now become the designated knife for this job. I can never get it mixed 100%, thought it is good enough.

There has got to be a better way though, right? Tell me there is a better way! For fun, I just did a search for "peanut butter stirrer" and lookie what I found: Natural Peanut Butter Hand Mixer!

Is it sad that I am so excited that someone makes this? I think I will be adding this to my Christmas list!

In the meantime, I would love to hear any tips or tricks YOU have for stirring peanut butter. Maybe I am just going about it the wrong way. And if you have tried this mixer, please tell me about it!


  1. So far we have not found an organic PB that we like

  2. Marianna,
    I learned this from my grandma who has always used natural pb, even before it was en vogue like it is now.

    Once you stir it the first time (carefully!), store it in the refrigerator. The cold keeps the oil and peanuts from separating, so the next time you go to use it, it's already mixed!

    good luck!

  3. Chrissy - Thank you for that tip! I am definitely going to try that.

  4. We also do the refrigerator trick and that seems to work for us :)

  5. Put it upside down overnight before opening it the first time. The oil will migrate up and it will be softer to stir, and you won't have the oil slick on top that will spill all over. Then store in the fridge.

  6. This is news to me!! I just thought the kind I bought was bad! I didn't even realize I had to mix it!!

    Good tip!!

  7. I buy maranatha no stir natural peanut butter... it doesn't separate as much.
    Then I also store it upside down in my pantry.

  8. Marianna,

    It's funny because I'm usually peculiar that way; stirring has never bothered me. Now, I believe I'll be disturbed for a while. Your find is quite cool! If stirring starts to bother me, then I'll have to check out that neat gadget. Isn't it funny how things are created. I guess there were others who got tired of stirring too :).

  9. yea the Maranatha is not quite as good, but it is no stir. But imo? it is oily. not as much fun to dip a spoon and eat away when their is oil covering it. eww.

    I do the upside down trick. i don't like my PB cold.

    I had one, that was not roasted peanuts, but peanuts, and sea salt and it was the BEST. I can't find it anymore. BOO!!!

  10. My hubby eats the no stir and stir kinds. He stirs and puts it in the frig. It works beautifully.


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