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OASAP Fashion Hunters Program & August Fashion Review

I am not going to lie, I am not a fashionista. That doesn't mean I don't love clothes, because I do. Clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry - yes I love them all. offers women's high street fashion with tons of cute clothes and accessories with free shipping worldwide. If you are a blogger with at least 300 followers, you can join their OASAP Fashion Hunters Program. If you qualify, you can choose a new item to review each month.

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August is my first month, hopefully of many, participating in this program and so far I have really enjoyed it. Choosing the items I wanted to review was a lot harder than I anticipated because there are so many products to browse through. I ended up choosing two items of clothing and one purse. Because really, a lady can never have enough bags.

I will admit that I was very nervous about ordering clothes online. To say that I am curvy is a bit of an understatement, so trying clothes on before buying is usually a must for me. And most of the models showing of the clothes on OASAP are skinny minnies. So I did my best to select clothes that I thought would work with my figure and then, well I just hoped for the best.

Lately I have been into skirts, probably because they do a nice job of hiding my thighs. I decided to give the Long Elegant Pleated Skirt with Elastic Waist a try since I liked the length and the little bit of sheerness to it. I wasn't sure how well this would go over since it is a "one size fits all" item, but after reading the specifications and seeing how far the waistband stretches, I thought it would be good. I was absolutely thrilled when it arrived and it fit me so nicely.I love how the inner layer of the skirt is shorter than the sheer outer chiffon therefor showing a little calf and ankle. I plan on wearing this skirt to a bridal shower next week.This skirt is also available in grey and I am seriously contemplating getting it in the future.

Continuing with my "hide the thighs" theme, I started looking for a casual dress. I spotted the Elegant Medium Sleeve Irregular Hemline Dress with Coffee Waistband and it looked not only cute but comfortable since it is cotton. This is another "one size" item but at this point I was feeling daring and went for it. This dress is available in three colors: green, black and and grey. Since green is not a good color for me, I went with black. Once again I was thrilled, and surprised, that the one size fits all actually fit my curves nicely. This photo of me wearing it isn't all that great but it gives a good idea of how it fits. I like that the front stops above the knee, it isn't too short but still flirty. I do feel a little self conscious in it since it has been years since I wore anything above the knee.

Lastly it was accessory time - I couldn't not get a purse. I prefer messenger style bags that I can wear across my body, but the only one I have is enormous. After spending I cannot even tell you how long going through all the bags on OASAP I decided to go with the Check Printing Rectangular Shoulder Bag in black. When it arrived it was bigger than I had expected, because apparently I don't look at dimensions, but I liked it. In fact, if it was any smaller I don't think it would have worked as well for me. The strap is adjustable so you can make it short and just wear it on your shoulder or fully extend it to wear across your body messenger style like I do. I love the way the straps are attached to the bag because it allows the bag to lay flat against my body when I am wearing it like that. There is a front outside zipper pocket and some pockets on the inside. I am able to carry my iPhone, ginormous wallet and my Kindle in here with plenty of room for lip gloss and such. This has now become my daily bag as it is very casual. I am beyond pleased with it.

Overall I am beyond pleased with the OASAP Fashion Hunters program as well as the products themselves. The three items I received all seem to be of good quality and will get good use from me. Now I just need my husband to take me out on a date so I can wear my new dress!

A huge thank you to my seven year old for taking pictures of his mommy for this post.

The opinions and views expressed in this review are my own and based on my personal experience with the product and/or company. You may encounter a different experience with this than I did. I received free product to review.


  1. Ooh I especially love the above the knee, VERY fashion forward Marianna!


  2. Ooh, the skirt looks so airy and light! The dress is a great look on you and the purse will match great. BTW, your 7-yr-old did a great job photographing you :)

  3. The dress looks really good on you, I like the shorter length!

  4. You look fab I especially love the dress! Free worldwide shipping is a HUGE plus for any online company.

  5. ooh so pretty, loving the dress the most

  6. So cute! Love hte dress, sexy mama! I also like the flirty see through bottom of the skirt!

  7. Looking GOOD girl! I do like that dress and the skirt - I'm a big skirt person, too :)

  8. So lovely! I also love Oasap clothes and accesories. Just received my new denim shorts and I am in love! I reviewed them on my blog if you fancy a look.

  9. Wow!! Marianna you look so great! You're hubby better take you out on a date!!! :D

  10. I ADORE that dress! You look beautiful, Marianna!


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