Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Son's Letter to Michael Phelps

We are a household that loves sports so whenever the Olympics roll around, we all get super excited. When it comes to the Summer Olympics, I love watching woman's gymnastics and swimming, my husband loves all of the track and field events and our kids just seem to enjoy it all.

Four years ago during the 2008 Olympics, our oldest son William was just three years old. Like the rest of the world, he became fascinated with Michael Phelps. We watched all of his races together and during bath time he would say "Look mommy, I am Michael Phelps!" as he pretended to swim in the tub. I was excited to see how he would react this time around. Of course he doesn't remember four years ago but he still loved watching the swimming events again this year. We have watched all of the swimming races online together and he got so excited anytime Michael Phelps or another member of the US Swim Team won.

I think this was especially exciting to him because he recognized some of the strokes from his swimming lessons that he is taking this summer. It has been great seeing him become more confident in his abilities and we've had some great SwimWays Swim Steps products to help us along the way.

I asked William to write a letter to Michael Phelps, curious to see what he would write to the greatest Olympian of all time. Here is what our 7.5 year old had to say:

"Dear Michael,
You are the best swimmer in the world. I'm learning how to do the breaststroke in my swimming lessons. I love doing freestyle in my swimming lessons. I hope I am a good swimmer like you when I grow up."

If you were to write to an Olympic athlete, who would it be and what would you say?


I am participating in this post as part of the Swimways Swim Steps Swim Team. Please note that the opinions and views expressed in this post are my own.

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