Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cutting the Cost of Transportation

More and more of us are turning to eBay to purchase a lot of large items i.e. furniture, baby cribs, children’s playground equipment, electrical goods, even motorbikes and cars. However, the problem of bidding on large items is that they are often only available if you go and pick them up yourself. This makes some desirable items impossible to buy, either because they are too far away or because they simply won’t fit into the family car.

In situations like this you could call one of the larger delivery companies, but the price that is likely to be offered is in some cases maybe worth more than the item you have purchased! However, by using websites like uShip in combination with online retailers, you can benefit from a unique online shipping marketplace; connecting people with customer-reviewed courier services that can move large and/or unusually sized items, meaning those hard to reach items are now easily within reach.

Transporters place challenging bids to win a customer’s delivery jobs, which drives down delivery costs and makes the shipping process more affordable and efficient.

Using online classified sites like Craigslist and eBay with uShip means you will be able to find a transporter who is able to ship any item to your door at the fraction of the price larger couriers would charge. If you need something transported, then making uShip your first port of call might save you a lot of money and keep your budget in check!

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