Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make Sure You Have Plain Band-Aids

If your kids are like mine, they love band aids that have some kind of character on them. I am pretty sure they intentionally hurt themselves just to be able to wear them. Or try to convince me that a freckle or birth mark is a boo-boo. So you probably have a box or two of kid bandages in the house. However, please make sure that you have some sort of plain old bandages or band aids in your house somewhere as well. So that when you put a 2 inch gash in your leg, you don't have to walk around in public like this.

Hello Master Yoda.
Sadly, these were the lesser of the two evils as it was either these Star Wars Yoda band aids or the ridiculously bright Marvel superheroe ones.

Lesson learned.

I am going to look hawt at the lake today.


  1. This happens in our house all the time! My husband tries to make sure we have plain ones stocked after the time he was forced to wear a Hello Kitty bandaid!

  2. LOL! Ok a man having to wear hello kitty is probably worse then me having to wear star wars!

  3. Aww, I think it's cute! I don't mind wearing the goofy band aids - I mind wearing band aids at all...

  4. aw, come on , I love my Barbie bandaids!! lol

  5. This is so true! Unfortunately, even after the Hello Kitty and Sesame Street stickers were gone,t he damage was done. She believes band-aids, even plain ones, are just super fun stickers.

  6. Haha just saw this post. I dunno I'd so rock the Marvel ones. And yeah my hubs had to wear Hello Kitty too, right on his hand for the world to see, at least all the guys at work have daughter's too so he only got it a little bit :)


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