Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Goals for 2011

I know we are almost 2 weeks into 2011 already but it is never too late to set up some resolutions and goals. Every year I like to write down some "Green Goals" for myself. The way I see it, if I make just a few easy changes every year then I am well on my way to living a more sustainable life.

• Start some kind of composting. I received some good ideas from some of my readers on how to make my own worm bin. I might give that a try.

• Get my twins completely potty trained which equals 2 less kids in disposable diapers and less crap in landfills. :)

• Spend more time outside with the boys.

• Be more active as a family. Whether its dancing around the living room or playing outside. I need to get my boys, and myself, up and moving.

• Rebuild our clothes line in the Spring. Bigger and stronger this time so it doesn't break.

• Continue packing waste-free snacks and eventually lunches for kids.

• Get my hubby to cut back on his bottled water habit. I have like 10 stainless steel bottles he can use.

So those are my goals. I like to keep them rather simple and attainable. Now it's time to work on them!

What Green Goals have you set for yourself this year? I'd love to read about them.


  1. Great ideas! We are planning a spring garden and I've also been researching composting. Our big change in the recent past was going to a filtered water pitcher and stainless bottles over the plastic ones. We've saved alot of money as well as cut down on the amount in the trash. A big one I would like to tackle this year is collecting rain water for the garden.

  2. My biggest goal is to start composting. We have to pay to do it so it's taking me a lot of motivation to get started with something I have to pay for. But my friends said that If I got my whole neighborhood in on it then we could share the cost and then we'd all be composting. So...well it's just taking me time to get there.

  3. Great ideas. We're trying to cut down on the bottled water.

  4. 1. Get my daughter potty trained and out of disposables.

    2. Remember to bring my reusable bags to the darn grocery store. I have a great collection, but they do me no good at home!

  5. Great ideas. We just moved into our new house and I want to start composting as well. Also, gardening, rain barrel, and I always forget to bring those darn grocery bags to the store!

  6. I love these ideas…I try to be green in general, but can use improvement.

  7. Potty training and spending more time outside are goals of mine too.


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