Monday, December 9, 2013

Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speaker Review #SoundSpot #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.

We love music in our house. Whether it's listening to top 40 songs or Christmas music, my boys and i love to jam out and sing along.  Since my classic iPod dies earlier this year, all of music is now stored on my iPhone plus I like to use several different streaming music apps on my iPad. Now let's face it, I love my Apple devices, but the sound quality on the built in speakers is just meh. So having any easy, clear way to listen to the music is a must. Last year I had the chance to review the SoundFreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker and I fell in love.  Now this year, I was given the brand new Soundfreaq Sound Spot to try out and I like it even better!

Sound Spot ($69) is Soundfreaq’s brand-new, award-winning wireless home speaker, which has already received a “Mashable Choice” Award.

It has a small footprint so it fits anywhere in your home, making it easy to take with you from room to room so you always have music playing in your life. It now comes in 11 fun color combinations in addition to the all black and wood & white versions.

Sound Spot was conceived to be portable yet look great in your home, amongst furniture, artwork and accessories. With mid-century design inspiration, Sound Spot's clean, modern look complements your home d├ęcor while filling any room in your house with your favorite music.

Sound Spot streams audio via Bluetooth, the wireless standard for smart devices, so Sound Spot is compatible with all of your and your family member’s wireless devices.

Sound Spot is ready to bring anywhere around the home with its small size and built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which allows for up to seven hours of AC-free listening.

Sound Spot includes a USB power port so you can charge your phone, even while Sound Spot is running on battery power. Sound Spot is simple to charge just plug it directly into your computer or any powered USB port for quick and easy charging.

With two Sound Spots, you have the ability to daisy chain two units together via line-out for an even louder acoustic experience.

I received the two Sound Spot units show above: one in white/wood and one in all black. The first thing I loved about this speaker was the size. While the Sound Kick is great, it is also larger which it makes it a pain to move from room to room. The Sound Spot is the perfect size to room hop along with you and fit into tight spaces. So now my Sound Kick has a permanent residence in my kitchen while I can use my two Sound Spot speakers everywhere else. Since listening to music is a must in the shower for me, my black Sound Spot spends a lot of time in there or in my bedroom. The shelf in my bathroom is tiny, but that is not a problem for this speaker.

Sound Spot on my bathroom shelf, playing some Lady Gaga.
The white/wood Sound Spot has been spending a lot of time in the boys' bathroom these past few weeks. We just renovated this bathroom over the summer and the design fits in nicely. And at night when I am the foreman to the showers/teeth brushing/getting ready for bed assembly line, now it is accompanied by  music. The boys like having music playing to sing with, especially since we've been playing Christmas songs. And well, the music just help keeps me sane.

Sound Spot in kids' bathroom.

 While both Sound Spots have spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, their simple design allows them to fit in with the decor of any room in my house. So when I want to bring them down into the living room or home office, either one would blend in just fine.

Sound Spot in the living room.

Something to point out is that while I have my iPhone right next the Sound Spot for the purposes of this photo, it does not need to be that close. I have no problem adjusting volume or skipping songs while in another room of the house. This will be particularly useful during my son's 4th birthday party next week, where I can stay in the kitchen feeding people and be able to control the speaker in the living room. The music played through the Sound Spot is crystal clear and provides a wide volume range when using both the volume on the device and on the speaker itself. I could not have asked for a better speaker!

My only semi-complaint is that I wish I could connect both of my Sound Spot speakers to my iPhone at the same time so I can have the same music playing in different rooms of the house. I would just love to have Christmas music playing upstairs in my bedroom while simultaneously playing in the living room.  Though honestly I'm not sure if that is something that can even be done with current Bluetooth technology, but I sure would love it!

Sound Spot is available in several colors.

The Sound Spot is available in a variety of both neutral and fun colors that are sure to fit your style and decor. Retailing for just $69, the Sound Spot makes a great holiday gift for the music or tech lover in your life.

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  1. I've been getting really into listening to music this year - it makes everything so much better! Homework, housework, studying, traveling, commuting...Maybe I should look into some speakers when I'm doing stuff at home! For now, it's back to studying for those final exams - sometimes I'm like UGH HARVARD WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. Hahaha :P

    Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating


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