Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Revisiting My 2009 Green Goals

Back in February, I posted a list of my "Green Goals for 2009". Just a few things I wanted to do or change in order to be more green. Now that 2009 is over, I thought I would take a look back to see how I did. So below is each item from my list with commentary (in red) on if I succeeded or not.

  • Buy produce from local farmer's market.
    Fail. Did not go at all, not even once. Shame on me.

  • Bring reusable bags to ALL stores, not just supermarket.
    Fail. I always remember them for grocery shopping, but still forget when it comes to other shopping like at Target.

  • Get my hubby to use natural personal care products (shampoo, cologne, shaving stuff, etc.).
    Not gonna happen. He's a lost cause.

  • Spend more time outside with the kids.
    This was going well until I started to get huge and pregnant.

  • Start taking better care of me (exercise and work on my chocolate addiction).
    The year started off well with me using the Wii Fit every day. But then I stopped.

  • Eliminate all High Fructose Corn Syrup foods from our house (95% there!).
    Pass!! No more HFCS for us!

  • Start a vegetable garden and plant at least 2 veggies.
    I'm giving myself a pass on this. I started a bunch of seedlings inside but accidentally left them on the deck in the cold spring and they did not survive. I did however plant some grape tomatoes which were yummy!

  • Get a strawberry pot and plant some strawberries.
    Pass! The strawberries were beautiful, but did not taste all that great.

  • Put up a clothes line outside to start line drying some things like towels.
    Fail. Hubby wasn't going for this.

  • Pack waste free lunches for my preschooler
    Fail. I did cut back on waste, but not all. I still send a YoKids yogurt, a milk box and juice box. Too much garbage.

So overall, I did not do so great and I am bummed about that. I could definitely improve in a lot of areas here. Now I have to work on my Green Goals for 2010. Since no one will probably be around the rest of the week or this weekend, I'll post that next week. So that gives YOU ALL some time to think about what your Green Goals are going to be so you can share them with me.


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