Thursday, December 10, 2009

39 Weeks and Still Here

And it doesn't look like he is coming any time soon either. At my appointment this week I was still 2cm dilated (same as last week) but he was no longer engaged. So now he is back to floating around and having a grand old time in there. My bladder has now become a soccer ball and is subject to multiple head butts throughout the day.

It is exactly one week till my due date so I hope this little guy knows that he needs to come out sometime around then. This mama does NOT want to spend Christmas in the hospital! Due to swine flu worries (rolls eyes) there are absolutely no kids allowed in our hospital. I can't even imagine not seeing my boys on Christmas, so I am determined to get him out before then!

So what are your tips for getting labor going on your own? With my first I did about 4 laps around the mall and the next day he was born. However, with two broken toes that really isn't a possibility. Heck I was at the mall for just an hour on Tuesday and the pain was horrible. So what else can I do? What worked for you?


  1. My due date with Jake was Dec 12, so I can totally relate! I ended up looking the doc in the eye and saying, "YOU don't want to be delivering babies on Christmas Day, do you?!?"

    I was induced Dec 21.

    Hang in there!

  2. Our family always says bowling.


    Maybe you can watch a really scary movie? Do you have any prenatal yoga? if you don't I bet they have a lot of stretching tips on Youtube and you could do those seated?
    Do that with your hubby home so he can help you get up.

    i would make a horrible midwife wouldn't I? lol.
    color me clueless!!!

  3. Raspberry Cheesecake from Olive Garden helped this one lady I knew- twice. She ate it and that night went into labor. So I tried it, the next night went into labor. But it also could have been the spicy food I was eating and the mile walks I was taking every night.

  4. I am totally not the one to ask.....
    With David I
    *walked MILES and miles
    *took castor oil
    *ate spicey foods
    *enjoyed hubbie
    *nursed my toddler (nipple stimulation)

    He eventually came at 41 weeks 2 days.

    I'll be praying for you! And I think it is terrible that your children can't be in the hospital. How stinky.

  5. blue and black cohosh 20 drops in warm water every hr for 5 hrs eat lunch then do again


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