Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help Me Name Our Bunny Friend!

Remember this cute little thing from last week's Wordless Wednesday post?

Well, I have decided that he needs a name. I see him every day now, usually around 7pm-ish. He's either hanging out in the backyard eating some grass or over near the shed and driveway. He is just so cute and cuddly looking. And for some reason I think it is so cool that he is chillin with us regularly.

I should point out that I do not know if this bunny is a him or her, I just automatically default to him. Anyway, I need your help picking a good bunny name. List any you think of and I will pick my favorite and if I can't decide, I'll have a poll. :)


  1. How about Snugs? Because he looks snuggly?

  2. We have so many neighborhood rabbits at the moment. THey're so cute to watch when they play with each other.

    Maybe Clover? Since they eat a lot of that.

  3. I go for "people" names, and I don't care whether they are "boys or girls". So my pick is "Sheldon". (I also go with my instincts-- whatever pops into my head).

  4. You could always go with Flower from Bambi! Flower was a boy, so if it is a he it works and if it ends up a girl, that works too! =)

  5. Professor Blueberry

  6. Love the ideas so far, keep them coming!

    I am really liking Clover Kathleen! This bunny has been eating them out of my flower beds which is a big help for me. :)

  7. How 'bout "Greenie?" He eats greens, and you do your best to be green, right? Just a thought...

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  8. Clover is a really sweet name and would be good for this bunny.... too cute (c:}


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