Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BellaBand Organic Review

If you have ever been pregnant you know the torment a mama-to-be can go through trying to find clothes that fit. One day you will reach the point where your pre-pregnancy pants no longer button but maternity pants are still way too big. What do you do then? This time around for me, that time came around 8 weeks. I blame it on this being my 3rd pregnancy and I've carried twins. At least that makes me feel a little better. So I resorted to just wearing my maternity pants from almost the get-go, but I was constantly pulling them up all day. In fact now at 14 weeks I still have that problem. This is where the BellaBand from Ingrid & Isabel comes to the rescue!

President Ingrid Carney came up with the idea for BellaBands when she was having a similar problem. So she took a tube top and wore it around the waist of her pants to work and voila, BellaBands were born! I was so excited when I found out that they now make a BellaBand Organic and I was lucky enough to receive one to test out.

After trying it, I honestly can't believe I did not have a BellaBand for my first two pregnancies. As soon as the package came I opened it up and put it on. Oh my goodness what a huge difference! I've been wearing some cotton maternity Capri's a lot lately, but as i mentioned, the waist is too big and they keep sliding down. So I put my BellaBand Organic on over the waist (I folded it) and suddenly my pants fit perfectly. So much more comfortable then having your pants slide down all day long! Now I know I normally provide personal pictures of my reviews, but I am sorry there was no way I was posting a picture of my scary belly for the world to see.

A little bit about BellaBand Organic from the company:

It's the BellaBand you trust and love, but now in organic cotton! Many moms today are conscious of the impact their shopping choices have on our environment. So is Ingrid & Isabel. That's why we now offer the eco-consciously produced BellaBand Organic. More wear out of the clothes you already have means less consumption. Organic cotton means earth-friendly. Sustainability and better fitting clothes? Now that's a beautiful idea.
The BellaBand Organic is 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex and is available in white, black and sand. I have black and I really like it. Another big plus for me was the packaging. I don't know what the regular BellaBands come in, but this organic version comes in a small box made of 100% recycled cardboard and of course is recyclable. I can't tell you how frustrating it is when a company claims to have an eco-friendly product but the packaging is the complete opposite. So it was refreshing to see that Ingrid & Isabelle take it seriously.

So to all you pregnant ladies out there, I definitely recommend the BellaBand Organic. Not only is it good for during your pregnancy but also post-partum when you are back in that in between stage.

BellaBands are available from many online retailers including Amazon.com, Babies R Us and Bare Necessities. To find a store near you or more online retailers, visit the Store Locator.


  1. Love Bella Band! A co-worker gave me one and it saved me a ton on my work clothes, instead of getting a whole new wardrobe I was able to extend the life of my non-maternity clothes.

  2. I loved mine when I was peg with my daughter. Not only did I wear them everyday, I still wear them 9months later for when I am out and about and I am breast feeding and dont want my tummy hanging out! Great product!!

  3. I loved my BellaBands while pregnant, and agree that they are great for covering the belly when bf'ing.

    So fun to learn they have an organic version. Thanks for the review.

  4. You ladies are awesome, I never even thought about using it to cover my belly when BFing! Thank you for that idea, I will definitely be doing that.

  5. Thanks for the review as I love my BellaBand and highly recommend one to any pregnant. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and this thing has been a lifesaver. I wish I had one in every color, but for now I am making due:)

  6. I loved my bella band it really is an awesome product. I was six months pregnant and still in my prepregnancy pants.


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