Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Tip: Shopping for Produce

I learned something new today so I wanted to pass it on. As I was flipping through my pocket edition of "Green Living for Dummies" (which I won from The Crazy Green Cheapskate), I came across this interesting tip. When you are shopping for produce at the grocery store, pretty much every fruit and vegetable has a sticker with a number on it. I always thought that the sole purpose of these was for the cashier to type in the code at checkout to determine the price. Turns out there is more to that number than I thought.

"A four-digit code means the produce was produce conventionally (it's not organic). A five-digit code that starts with 9 indicates that it's organically grown, and a five-digit code that starts with 8 indicates that it's genetically engineered."
Yeah, I had absolutely no idea about this! At my next visit to Stop & Shop I will definitely be checking every single sticker and completely avoiding any five-digit numbers that start with an 8 - yuk!


  1. That's crazy. This is the stuff they should teach in home ec! lol

  2. Thanks a bunch for posting this! I'm putting it on my blog along with a plug for yours.


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