Monday, January 26, 2009

Taco Night

It has been ages since I made my family tacos for dinner. OK, well maybe more like a year, but it feels like ages! The Old El Paso kits I used to buy were loaded with hydrogenated oils and other yucky stuff, so I just gave up. Well yesterday I was doing my grocery shopping (my only alone time) and for once I was not rushing. So I took a few extra minute to take a good look in the natural/organic section for something new to try. And I found it! I finally found taco shells sans hydrogenated oils! Ooooo, and next to it a taco seasoning mix without nasty preservatives. YES!

The brand is Little Bear Organic Foods / Bearitos (part of the Hain Celestial Group). A package of 12 shells was under $3.00 and the seasoning was $1.50, not too bad. But the real test would be at dinner time. Man did my boys love this! The little ones can't eat hard taco shells, so I took some of the mixture and put it between 2 organic soft tortillas with cheese and sour cream on my quesadilla maker and they really enjoyed it. William inhaled 2 regular tacos plus one section of the quesadilla.

I know a big concern with buying organic/naturals foods can be the taste - that it will taste like cardboard, etc. That was so not the case here. It was so tasty! Definitely something we will have again. If you are in the mood for some tacos, give them a try!


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