Friday, January 16, 2009

About Marianna

photo by Laurie Gaboardi
Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Marianna and  I live in Connecticut with my husband and our 4 sons. W is the oldest and is 6, twins L and J are 4 and D is 2 years old. My husband and I have been married for over 8 years and together for more than 12. We are both big Star Wars fans and have already corrupted all of our boys, who are now completely obsessed with Star Wars.

I love hockey and the New Jersey Devils, my iPhone, reading Star Wars novellas and all things green. When my twins were about 5 months old I started to investigate a little more about the products I was using on my kids. After learning how many toxins are in the personal care products we use every day, I started to make a switch to more natural products and so began my journey down the green path. From there it snowballed into natural cleaners, organic foods and so on. As a friend once told me, its a "slippery slope!" It sure has been a challenge with a resistant husband and a family who probably thinks I am nuts, but I know that what I am doing is good for me, my family and our planet.

I started this blog as Green Mama's Pad, primarily a green blog, in hopes to help others make the leap to being more green. Over the past 3 years of blogging this blog has grown in to so much more. There is still plenty about green living to be found here, but also personal posts about my life and our family. I also love trying cool new products and introducing them to my readers so I frequently have Product Reviews.  Of course, life with 4 boys is interesting to say the least, so in between all the green tips, news and products you will also find a little bit about our crazy life mixed in.

So take a look around. I hope you like what you see and visit me often. Have a question for me? Drop me an e-mail at marianna(at)greenmamaspad(dot)com.

PR and companies can head over to my PR Info Page to fill out the contact form. "Hi Impact Radius"


  1. Congratulations again on baby #4! I love your site! And Star Wars - yah - both my boys are crazy about it. You know there is a Star Wars training thing you can try to get your son in at Disney's Hollywood Studios? They choose boys from the audience. My nephew got to do it, and I want to get Keegan on stage.

  2. So nice to know you more and your new boy is sooo darling - we want more pics on the forum LOL

  3. @Erin - no way, I had no idea! I can't tell my husband that or else he will book a trip to Disney right away.

    @Brittany - LOL, I have been bad about taking pictures. I'll try to get more up soon.

  4. I was so happy to find your site. I too have a very resistant husband that believes that doing any "green" is to expensive and he wants nothing to do with it. I do it because I have three beautiful daughter that are coming up with alot of skin allergies because of the chemicals that are in products. I am switching to green so they can live without skin problems as well as teaching them to be better to our earth. Thanks again for the site I don't feel like such a lone ranger anymore

  5. Came across your site in someone else's blogroll and feel like finally! Someone who understands me! I've been struggling through going green for some time, think I'm doing good and then see something that isn't so good. Kinda like I'm reading in your blog. :) Just starting my own green blog called Green & Frugal Mama. I'd love for you to check it out! Any tips?

    I'm definitely subscribing to your blog. Thanks!

  6. Hi Marianna - I saw that you added me to your Twitter feed and decided to check out your blog since I'm also in CT! We just had our first baby girl a little over a year ago and it's funny how much my views on using certain products have changed. Before, I didn't blink an eye at drinking skim milk or using every cleaner under the sun. however, with her birth we've made the change to most natural products and are changing to mostly organic food and drinks. The interesting thing is that the way I was raised (back in Russia) was natural and organic just because there wasn't a different way there back then! I feel like I am more in touch with my roots. Great blog and I can't wait to follow along!

  7. Hello!
    So excited to find your fun blog!
    I just started my own over at It shares my fun finds of CT :)
    I look forward to reading through your past posts, and hope you will check mine out too!

  8. Hi Marianna-I just saw your blog and really enjoyed the reading. I have just started my own blog at which is about non toxic and going green. I appreciate people like you so much. We must all be from connecticut as I was born their in I hope you will visit my site when I have it up and running and will look forward to reading your more. Have a wonderful day.Tammy


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