Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Winnie the Pooh

Sadly, I have no new personal photos to share this week as I have been neglecting my camera. But then this popped up on my Facebook feed and it made me giggle, so I knew I had to share it.

You are totally doing it too, aren't you?


  1. LOL I totally was using his voice in my head to read that. Funny how that works.

  2. I totally did read it in his voice.

    I admit I had no new pics this week either LOL!

  3. Of course! I was going to say I love me some Pooh but Carolyn beat me to it! :) I <3 Pooh!

  4. I think that it's impossible to not read that in Winnie's voice, lol.


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