Friday, September 21, 2012

Amazing World Virtual Game Review & Giveaway

Now that our oldest son is seven, he is becoming more interested in the computer. He has played a few basic games on some children’s websites before, but nothing more than that. To be honest, I have a hard time sharing my computer time! But I do want him to be able to enjoy the computer and online games while also keeping it all safe. The Amazing World online virtual game from Ganz intrigued me since kids can play for free in a controlled environment. This is important for me because it means he can’t accidentally delete my programs and files or click on a non-kid website. Needless to say he and were both very eager to give it a try!

The great thing about Amazing World is that the game is free-to-play and kids can register with a generic “Zing” at You do not even have to purchase a toy. However, integrating the virtual play with an actual toy makes it all the more special. When you purchase your own Zing figure, it comes with a special code that you use to register your Zing online. This code unlocks your virtual Zing, which looks identical to your toy, and it comes with one special item to place in your virtual house or yard.

Once you download and install the free software, which took me about 25 minutes on DSL, then you can register your Zing and start having some fun. In order to progress through the levels, your Zing will have to complete special quests. Some of these quests might be planting seeds or meeting other characters within the game. One quest my son really enjoyed was exploring and jumping around a building to catch butterflies. By completing quests, you earn experience points, relationship points and coins and sometimes even a special item to place in your home. The coins can be used to purchase items in the virtual store likes clothing and furniture.

My son not only loves the fun of working on the missions but he is also proud of himself when he completes one. It gives him quite a sense of accomplishment. And as the parent, I like that the quests are just challenging enough for him to enjoy and have to work a little at, but not too difficult that he becomes frustrated with the game. He also really enjoys decorating his space. As your Zing continues to move up the levels, you can even build rooms onto your house to make it bigger. Kids can spend hours having fun decorating and customizing everything in their own Amazing World.

Your free-to-play account on Amazing World will cap off on level 20. If you want full access to all 50 levels, access to all items in the store, unique quest prizes and more than you can become an Amazing World subscriber. Subscriptions may be purchased on a three month, six month or one year basis. Whether you choose to play for free or purchase a subscription one thing can be sure – your child will have a lot of fun!

Twitter Giveaway!
Now here is your chance to “Tell The World About Amazing World”! You will be entered to Win Two Amazing World toys. Here is how you enter:
  1. Copy and paste the phrase below into a tweet or use this tweet button:
  2. Come discover & explore #AmazingWorldGame, a free‐to‐play 3D virtual world full of challenges & fun! @GreenMamasPad
  3. Tweet anytime between 9/11 and 9/23 at 11:59 pm EST. 
  4. Each tweet will earn you one entry into the contest! 
  5. Winner will be notified via Twitter.

Good Luck! Now head to Amazing World and register your Zing now! It is free-to-play! I will see you there!


  1. That looks so cool in 3D!!! It looks like a game all 3 of my children would enjoy. Thanks for sharing! :D

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  3. That looks very cool. I know my 5 and 7 year old boys would love this.

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  7. Looks like a fun game. I like the bright colors and sweet-faced characters over some of those other games out there.

  8. What an adorable little game! I've never heard of these guys before!


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