Friday, September 28, 2012

Life...supplemented WannaBeWell iPhone App

While I spend the majority of my time taking care of my kids and making sure they are eating healthy, staying active and in good health, I often times neglect myself. No that isn't entirely true - I pretty much always neglect myself. I forgot my supplements, do little to no exercise and don't visit the doctor for check-ups as often as I should. Since my iPhone is pretty much attached to me at all times, an app to remind me might be just the thing I need.

"The WannaBeWell app is a comprehensive wellness resource that educates, activates and motivates those who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is based on the three pillars of health at the core of the Life…supplemented program, Healthy Diet + Supplements + Exercise."

What you can do with the WannaBeWell mobile app:

  • Create your own personalized Wellness Coach to deliver daily motivational and educational messages.
  • Receive “Healthy Mission” tasks given by the Wellness Coach and collect trophies for accomplishing the tasks.
  • Take the My Wellness Scorecard, a fun, free and interactive online quiz that assesses your current level of overall health and offers tips and ways to improve your health. Find out if you’re an AlphaWELL, an OhWELL or somewhere in between.
  • Explore the Supplement Resource Center, which offers information about dietary supplements in a simple-and-easy to understand format. 
  • Access the Supplemental, a blog that provides a forum around healthy diet, supplements and exercise. 
  • Set up reminders for you and your family to take your dietary supplements.
You can also visit the Life...supplemented website for access to the My Wellness Scorecard quiz and The Supplemental Blog.

The WannaBeWell app is very easy to set up and get started on. The first thing you will need to do is personalize your Wellness Coach. Your coach will help motivate you every day by giving you tips and challenges. I chose the young man as my coach because truthfully, that will motivate me more than the army drill sergeant. When your coach tells you something you can try, you can indicate that you have done it and then earn yourself a trophy.

The part of this app that I probably like the most is the supplement reminder. I am always forgetting to take my probiotics and in just a few steps I was able to set up a reminder on my iPhone. Now every day at 10:00 am my phone gives a little chirp and the reminder to take them pops up on my screen.

I of course took the My Wellness Scorecard quiz to see where I fell. I ended up scoring a "WannabeWELL" which I imagine is somewhere in the middle. I want to be healthy and fit, but I fall short in my motivation to exercise.

Overall I have been please with this app. I like the concept of the coach to help me get motivated with tips. Personally, I would really love it if he yelled at me through  my phone, because sometimes I really need that extra kick in the rear. And with the ability to schedule my supplements, I am back to taking my probiotics on a regular basis.

Download the WannaBeWell App for free from iTunes!

Giving Back
For each app download, a $1 donation (up to $13,500) will be made to Vitamin Angels. By connecting children under five with vital nutrients like vitamin A, Vitamin Angels are very literally improving the lives of children every day. One vitamin A capsule taken every six months can prevent blindness and reduce the mortality rate of children under five by 23 percent.

I wrote this blog post while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Life…supplemented. As a thank you for participating, I received a $25 promotional item, and a $25 donation was made on my behalf to Vitamin Angels.


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