Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 1: No Sugars No Grains Diet #NSNG

Two weeks ago I read and reviewed the book Fitness Confidential. Now that I am back from all of my trips (which I will be blogging about soon) and the 4th of July holiday is over, I am going to start putting into practice what I learned in that book. And what exactly did I learn? That I need to completely revamp my diet. Now when I say the word diet, I don't mean a temporary change to the way I am eating. This is not a quick fix; it is a lifestyle change. What Vinnie Tortorich explained in his book is that the key to losing weight and keeping it off is eliminating sugars and grains from our diets. Our society has gotten it completely backwards. We avoid foods with fat in them and instead eat foods loaded with sugar to make up for the lack of taste. Fat is the human body's natural source of fuel. Yet we skip that and load up on sugar and carbs, which actually just turn into fat in our bodies.

Now technically, yesterday was my day one since I didn't eat any grains and just had the tiniest bit of sugar in my coffee. But I forgot to weigh myself in the morning, so I am officially starting today.  I have a good 30 pounds to lose and I am anxious to get started. Now in all honesty, my piece of junk scale is off by at least 5 pounds; meaning I weigh 5 pounds more than it says. But since it is what I have daily access to, we will just go with it. So here are my numbers:

Marianna's Day One Numbers
Date: July 9, 2013
Weight: 149 pounds (so I'm actually about 155)
Waist: 35 inches (gah!)
Hips: 42 inches (double gah! this is what we call birthing hips)
Thigh: 25.25 inches
Arm: 12 inches

Gosh those numbers are depressing and I am hoping to make some real progress with this big change. In February I joined a local gym, where I spent one hour a day, 3 to 4 days a week working the hardest I have in my life? And do you know what I lost in 4.5 months? 2 pounds. After reading Fitness Confidential, I realized that exercise, while important, is not enough, It is all about what you eat. And since I now have 4 boys home from school, making it impossible to get to the gym, I am really going to focus on the food.

So stick around and see where this takes me. I figure I will do weekly updates and hopefully I will have some progress to report. 


  1. Good luck to you! I have eliminated sugar and make sure to only eat a few whole grains a day. I've been slowly losing weight, which is what I want.

    Can't wait to see your progress!

  2. Good luck. I just started a similar program today. I think you are very brave for posting your numbers. I measured my hips this morning and almost threw up :(

  3. Good Luck Marianna! I know that you will see some amazing results on the diet and if you need support - email me :)

  4. Good luck to you in your new journey and eating plan! I look forward to reading your updates.

  5. I have been working on my exercising for the past month or so....there is a june ad july 30 month challenge up on myn blog right now, you should check them out. I have also started a page to track my progress. I do need to start working on the food part too......but I have had some success so far with the exercise. Goodluck to you....cant wait to follow you on your journey.

  6. No grains and no sugar? That is the kind of diet that I would screw up within a couple of days. I prefer to eat everything, just in moderation.

    Good luck - I will be curious to see how you like this lifestyle change.

  7. Good luck! I have been wanting to try to avoid sugars and grains too!


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