Friday, October 19, 2012

Shop for Unique Holiday Gifts at Red Envelope

With just a little over two months left until Christmas, it's time to start getting your holiday shopping underway. I know there are overachievers out there who are already done, but there are plenty of us who have yet to start. And now that I just freaked myself out by realizing I have just over 60 days, I need to get cracking. One of my favorite online stores to browse and shop for unique gifts is Red Envelope.

Red Envelope has an eclectic selection of Christmas gifts that range from jewelry, apparel to gadgets and even cool things like Star Wars cuff links. Yes, leave it to me to find the lone Star Wars gift on there which would be an awesome gift for a guy. I opted to use this review opportunity to get something for myself though. A few years ago, my brother and sister-in-law brought me back a beautiful Murano glass bracelet from Italy. When I saw that Red Envelope has some Murano glass jewelry, I immediately knew that was what I was getting.

murano glass beads bracelet • $49.95
This murano glass beads bracelet is made in Murano, Italy and features three spring-wire bangles with glass pearls, Swarovski crystals and hand-blown Murano glass balls. It is available in two color sets which is which is great since many people prefer gold over silver or vice versa. The gold-colored bracelet features iridescent tones of gold, amber and aqua while the silver-colored bracelet features iridescent tones of plum, rose and light blue. For myself I chose the silver since I do not where any yellow gold toned jewelry.

The bracelet set arrived in a pretty red box with a soft felt envelope inside to protect it. The box is great if you are giving this as a gift to someone: just place it in a gift bag and you are good to go. I fell in love with this bracelet immediately. I love the colors and the simple elegance of the bracelet. It is not to flashy or overwhelming. Since this is made of three individual bangles, there are several different ways to wear the bracelet. My favorite is to intertwine them together so they look like one bracelet. But you could also arrange them individually on your wrist or even wear just one at a time.

The unique selection of gifts at Red Envelope means you can find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. And if you are on a budget like me, they do have a section for gifts under $50. Definitely head on over to get your holiday shopping started or maybe to just buy yourself some pretty jewelry.

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