Monday, July 27, 2009

What I learned on vacation

Last week was our annual family trip to the Jersey Shore. I look forward to it every year, it is a long standing family tradition that is now on its 5th generation. I've already posted some pictures and I'm sure there will be more to come. :) The boys had a great time (we all did), they loved the beach. Now that we're back home and (almost) unpacked, I've been thinking about it all and thought I would jot down my random thoughts. So here are a few things that I learned on vacation. ~ My mom always cooks way too much food. Is this something that Italian mothers/grandmothers are trained to do? No complaints from me though, I enjoyed it all! ~ Central air conditioning is awesome and I was spoiled by it for a week. Now that I am back home to 85 degree weather with 75% humidity and no a/c - well it sucks. ~ Josh (2 years old) has no fear when it comes to the ocean. He would have walked right in if I let him. He really loved the water, even after being wiped out pretty good. ~ My family was pretty tolerant of my "green" stuff and I am so thankful for that. My mom agreed not to plug in all of her Glade air fresheners around the house and everyone drank organic milk. She even bought some organic veggies which I was impressed by. ~ I was a little disappointed in myself on how easily I abandoned some of my practices. I wasted way too many paper plates and plastics cups. So I vow to do better next year. ~ And chasing 3 boys around the beach while 18 weeks pregnant is exhausting! Chasing them down the boardwalk while wearing womens sandals is not much fun either.


  1. Great post!! Sounds like you had a nice time family. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a lovely week.

  2. I'm on your side about the cups especially - it was out of hand!! Next year THE LEAST we need to do is get a sharpie and write our names on our cups!
    And I'm thankful for not having the plug ins they are nasty. Next year we get rid of the nasty bathroom spray too. Poop shouldn't smell like fake flowers!

  3. LMAO Tracey! I can't stand that spray either, its much worse than the smell of poop. OK, so next year I will be sure to bring a sharpie. Isn't it ironic that Dan was better about reusing than me?

  4. I always enjoyed visiting the Jersey shore when we lived out there.

    Cut yourself some slack this year. You're preggers. :)

  5. Ew ew ew I hate Glade plug-ins! Glad you had a good time at the beach.


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