Sunday, August 31, 2014

DIY Nintendo DS / 3DS Game Card Storage

Second only to LEGOS, Nintendo DS game cards are the bane of my existence. Each of my 4 boys has their own DS so in turn we have a lot of games. A lot. And those little suckers are so very easily misplaced. They fall between couch cushions, get pushed under furniture, etc. Since the kids all share their games, I wanted a central storage piece where we could neatly keep them all. However, we have over 40 games and and the most I have seen storage for is in the 20s. And the individual DS cases that hold the system plus a handful of games are just so overpriced. So I decided, I'm just going to make something myself.

Here are the materials I started with:

Now I already had the Avery Business Card Pages so this project only cost me $1.94. You can also substitute the Business Card Pages with the Trading Card Pages.

After snapping in 4 sheets and the pencil case, I had my storage binder all ready to go in less than a minute. Now they have one single place to store and share their games and I am no longer searching the house for misplaced ones.


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