Friday, May 9, 2014

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches #MC

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Stonyfield Yogurt products have been a staple in our house ever since our first son started eating dairy around 15 months old. It is important for me to know that the ingredients in the yogurt my kids eat are organic. Trying another yogurt brand has never ever crossed my mind and we have been a strictly Stonyfield house ever since that first taste. Over the years we have progressed through YoBaby to YoToddler and now YoKids for the three oldest ones, and they have loved them all.

Recently, Stonyfield has launched a line of organic Yogurt pouches, which I think is pretty genius. This is the first refrigerated organic yogurt pouch available and they all contain pure organic ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.

The first time we tried these pouches was on our recent trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. When we got down there, our first stop before the rental house was hitting a Super Target for food. My kids eat their Stonyfield yogurt every day so I needed some to put in our cooler to bring to the park. When I saw the YoKids yogurt pouches I was thrilled because that is so much easier than the cups and spoons. And the kids loved them - blueberry seems to be the favorite. Now that we are home, the pouches are great to bring to the baseball fields when we are stuck there for 4 hours or even for an evening snack when we get home after a game.

YoKids Yogurt Pouch Evening Snack

I also recently tried some of the YoToddler pouches for my four year old. Now granted he isn't technically a toddler anymore, but the YoToddler line has veggies in them and so this is a great way for me to sneak some veggies into his diet. We tried the Strawberry Beet Raspberry pouch and he gobbled it up, finishing with a "that was yummy mommy!" Look, he won't even put it down while he stabs some fruit with his fork. So yeah, those are a big winner for me.

YoToddler Pouch with Lunch
With summer just around the corner, we are going to be spending 4 afternoons a week at the local lake. When I pack our cooler with lunches and snacks, I can guarantee that there will be some Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches in there. These are just perfect for a family on the go. Easy, yummy and healthy. My kids love the taste and I love that they are organic and free of any artificial junk and from a brand that I trust.

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  1. Thank you for suggesting these. My kids don't drink milk and I didn't think they would go for these, but they did!! I bought them this weekend and all 3 kids liked them!

    1. That's awesome! I am so glad they like them. :)


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