Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catching Up on TV Shows with Netflix #StreamTeam

This post is brought to you by Netflix. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Normally I like to discuss all of the great kid friendly movies and television shows Netflix has to offer, but this month I though I would change things up a bit. This time I'd like to talk about all the things that I love to watch on Netflix. It has been seven years since we gave up cable and downsized to just the basic network channels. While it saves us a nice chunk of change every month, it does stink missing out on all of the great popular shows. About 18 months ago we signed up for Netflix, mainly for the kids so they had more options to watch. But then I realized there were some great shows that the husband and I could finally watch. And when we find a show we like on Netflix, we devour it.

Yes when we find a good show, we totally go into "Netflixing" mode and we watch nothing but that until we've completed it. For me it first started last year when a friend recommended Orange is the New Black. It was so different, and funny, and well, weird, and I loved it. But I think my first serious Netflixing relationship occurred when I discovered Sons of Anarchy. I first started watching the show because I was interested in actor Charlie Hunnam, who at the time was cast in a new movie. My husband wasn't interested in a motorcycle club show, but I was able to persuade him to give it a shot. It only took one episode for us both to get completely hooked. We would watch at least 3 episodes per night until we finished the first 4 seasons, and then we had to wait a few months for season 5 to hit Netflix. I'm pretty sure we finished that in 2 days. Now I am not so patiently waiting for season 6.

Currently I have moved onto The CW show Arrow. While we do actually have this network, I had never once watched the show. Since I happen to love super hero movies and shows, I thought it was about time I give it a shot. At the moment I think I am about halfway through season 1. I am moving at a more leisurely pace with Arrow and I am enjoying it. It's great to have both shows that glue me to my TV until I am 100% done and others that are a good filler for a night when there is nothing on network TV for me to watch.

And while I work my way through my latest show, I am adding some others I want to check out to "My List." Here are a few I'm hoping to watch in the upcoming months:

Once Upon A Time
The Walking Dead

Have you watched any of the shows I've discussed hered? What are some of your favorite shows you've watched on Netflix?

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  1. Now that I'm home all day, I use Netflix constantly. I have not watched any of the series you listed but I have watched all available episodes of several other series. Right now, I'm hooked on documentaries and old movies.


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