Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy 10 Year Anniversary

To us! It is kind of amazing that ten years ago today I was marrying my husband. On one hand it feels like it was just yesterday, while on the other it feels like it was forever ago. I quickly scanned photobucket to see f I had and wedding photos I could share here and luckily I found a few.

It is somewhat depressing looking at my much thinner self before four kids utterly destroyed my body. One of these days I'll get back down to that weight... or at least pretty close.

Our wedding ceremony took place outside, overlooking a lake in Western Connecticut. The day started off with some overcast, but we were lucky it turned into a perfect, sunny day.

Cheers to our first 10 years together and here's to many more yet to come!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely wedding and such a lovely bride! You are gorgeous just the way you are, and four kids puts you at sainthood!

  2. Beautiful wedding photos. Happy belated anniversary. May you have many more happy years together.


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