Thursday, April 18, 2013

Go Green with NBC's Share and Tell App

Who doesn't like shiny new stuff all the time? However nice new things may be, the reality is that brand new isn't always necessary. A gently used item can work just as well while saving you money and helping out the environment. Did you know that for every pound of new goods produced, 71 pounds of waste are generated during manufacturing? So instead of running out to buy that new something, why not ask around to your friends to see if maybe someone is looking to get rid of one?

In honor of Earth Week, NBC has created the Share and Tell app to help you minimize your impact on the planet by sharing your stuff. Here is why you will love this:

• How Are You Green? Eco Quiz - It’s not easy being green…(or is it?) We all want to take better care of our environment and go green, but the question is... How are YOU Green? Take the Eco quiz to find out!
• 7 Easy Ways to Start Sharing Now - Now, more than ever, sharing makes sense. Getting started sharing is simpler than you think! Read these 7 easy ways to start sharing now and create healthier, happier families and communities.
• Real Life Share and Tell Stories - Read real life stories of how sharing on yerdle has helped people just like you get the stuff they need - without buying a thing!
• Get Social - Tweet with the #ShareandTell hashtag to get your audience excited about NBC’s Share and Tell!

You can check out the Share and Tall Blog App right here on this page (below) or to learn more, check out NBC's Green is Universal Facebook Page. Happy Sharing!


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