Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It Pays To Get Organized

I am not so great when it comes to being organized. To be honest, I flat out stink. Our home office can vouch for that as it is the scariest room in the house. I also like to call it the dumping grounds. Company is coming over? "Quick, throw all the junk from the kitchen island into the office!" Over time all of that junk builds up until you can barely walk into the room. It even starts to injure people when in an attempt to turn on your Wi-Fi network, your mother falls and nearly loses a limb.

There is no question that I want to clean and organize it, but I like to procrastinate. Which is kind of the reason I am even in this situation in the first place. However, I have a big trip coming up soon and I promised my husband that I would get it done before I left. So operation clean up the office has begun.

This is my office this past Sunday. It looks ridiculous right? Well, this is AFTER I spent a few hours for three days working on it. I wish I had taken a true before picture, it was frightening. Sadly, I have to admit that 99% of it is mine. Over to the left just out of the picture is my husband's desk which while not perfect, is in  much better shape than mine.

But wait a second Marianna, you said it PAYS to get organized? Yes I did say that. While cleaning off my desk on Sunday and sifting through papers I came a cross a stack of gift cards: Victoria's Secret, New York & Co. and three for Kohl's. I called to get the balance for each one and it turns out I have $30 to spend at New York & Co and $134 for Kohl's! I could get myself an outfit or two for my upcoming trip! That is very exciting stuff. I never buy myself new clothes - as I type this I am wearing some pretty scruffy looking yoga pants.

So I still have a littl ways to go, but the office is already looking even better then it does in the picture above. Once I can get rid of all the junk and put everything in its place, it will be awesome to finally be able to work at my desk again. I haven't sat at my desk in like two years. I will for sure have to post an after photo.

What room in your house is in some desperate need of organization? Have you ever come across surprise finds like money or gift cards while cleaning up?


  1. I'm actually downstairs working on my office right now. It looks sooo much worse than yours! I took before pictures. It's scary

  2. we don't have any rooms like that but there are cabinets and drawers and closets that need constant attention. I hate being unorganized

  3. Oh yeah! lol! you are not alone, my husbands messy office at home is worse than yours by far. When I'd almost lost all motivation in tidying his office, I came across 2 Tracfone phone cards which were given to my husband a few months ago for his birthday which he hadn't used yet and were lying in a pile of papers. They were worth $198, ie: 2 x 1 year Tracfone prepaid phone cards valued at $99 for 1 years service and 400 minutes each.
    My husband now thinks it a good idea to hide gift cards for me amongst the junk in his office so that I'll do his filing and tidying up whilst I'm looking for the cards. I said "nice try dear, maybe only once a year for your birthday"

  4. The worst room in our house is the playroom. I just can't bring myself to go in there!

  5. It really does pay! I've found coupons I forgot about, items I forgot I had and rebought, etc…organization is GOOD!

  6. Wow what great motivators to keep cleaning and organizing more! I can't wait until I get some free time to organize and feel more in control of my house/life too!


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